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A dj mixer is basically the "core" of djing and brings the concept of djing to life. More important than even the player. I mean this days people even dj with ipods and mp3 players hooked up in a mixer.
Arguably more so than ever before, choosing a DJ mixer is a complicated business. There’s a vast array of options out there these days, some of which offer mind-bogglingly vast feature sets.

The design, complexity and features of the mixer you choose will undoubtedly come down to the style of music you play and how you prefer to DJ. For example, scratch DJs and turntablists will certainly need a mixer with a quality, replaceable crossfader, which will likely be less of an issue for those who mix house or techno. Similarly, some of the top end mixers in this roundup, such as the DJM-2000 nexus, offer flashy and complex performance features that might not be of interest to DJs with a more understated style of mixing.

Many of the units in this list include built-in soundcards and MIDI capabilities too, which won’t be necessary for those who only use turntables or CDJs. That said, it’s still worth considering as a sure fire way of future-proofing your setup.

What’s undoubtedly true is that more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better, although you will end up paying for features and flexibility. Whether you’re in the market for a top of the range, forward-thinking unit or a stripped-back mixer, there are quality options out there.

To that end, from next week, every day we will bring you one of our seven current favorite mixers. It’s worth noting that, in some cases, we’ve opted for the most recent or top-end models in a brand’s mixer line, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that previous models should be disregarded. In many cases it might be worth checking out second hand units, as the feature sets of older mixers may still suit your DJing needs perfectly.
Catch you next week from Monday 21st July to 28th July

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