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The second edition of the Stylus Dj Awards will be taking place end of this month. The awards which were officially launched last year in Mombasa at the Sarova  White sands  are focused on recognizing and promoting Dj talent both in the country and diaspora. Being only its second year the stylus Dj Awards has really set the bar high in terms of organizing a good award show.
Even though they are based at the coast the awards have gotten an acknowledgement from Djs all over the country, having a board that is headed by Mombasa's Dj Lenium as the C.E.O means it can only get better with time. The nominees for this year's awards were announced on 31st July and saw Djs being nominated in 13 categories. The following are the nominees: 
        1. Breakthrough DJ Of The Year
o                DJ Jowi (Mombasa)
o                DJ West (Mombasa)
o                DJ Geeps (Mombasa)
o                DJ Slim D (Nairobi)
o                DJ Nicky Phondo (Watamu)
o                 DJ Dennis (Mombasa)
2.       2.Female DJ OF The Year
o                 DJ Sashy (Mombasa)
o                 DJ Skyla (Mombasa)
o                 DJ Wendy (Nairobi)
o                 DJ Jossie (Nairobi)
o                 DJ Shiroh (Mombasa)
o                 DJ Shiqkx (Nairobi)
3.      3. Club DJ Of The Year
o                   DJ Incredible (Skyluxx Lounge, Nairobi)
o                   DJ Tally (Sky Lounge, Mombasa)
o                   DJ Bonezz (Sheba Lounge, Mombasa)
o                   DJ Electrick (Dan’s Lounge, Mombasa)
o                   DJ Phillz (iClub, Nairobi)
4.      4.Radio DJ Of The Year
o                       VJ Chris – Baraka FM
o                        DJ Elonn – Pwani FM
                          DJ Joe Mfalme – Capital FM
o                         DJ Mista Qym – Q FM
o                         DJ Flash – Radio Citizen
5.        5.TV VJ Of The Year
o                        DJ Kym – Kiss TV
o                        DJ Kaytrixx – KTN
o                        DJ Phauz – Triple P TV
o                        DJ Crossfade – Citizen TV
o                         DJ Mo – NTV
6.      6.VDJ Of The Year
o                        DJ Flaxx (Mombasa)
o                        VJ Bob (Nairobi)
o                        DJ Ivory (Mombasa)
o                        DJ Incredible (Mombasa)
o                        DJ Mantix (Nairobi)
7.     7. Reggae DJ Of The Year
o                       DJ Key’atch (Nairobi)
o                       DJ Dannie Boy (Nairobi)
o                       Junior Kevo (Mombasa)
o                       Daddy Silk (Mombasa)
o                       DJ Tsunami (Nairobi)
8.      8. Diaspora DJ Of The Year
o                       DJ Miss Ray (Beijing, China)
o                       DJ Maxx Makau (Michigan, USA)
o                       DJ Renee (Dubai, UAE)
o                       Simple Simon (Houston, USA)
o                       DJ Ken Ring (Stockholm, Sweden)
9.     9. Trail Blazer DJ Of The Year
o                       DJ Elonn (Mombasa)
o                       DJ Hypnotiq (Nairobi)
o                       DJ Protégé (Nairobi)
o                       DJ Joe Mfalme (Nairobi)
o                       DJ Bonezz (Mombasa)
       10.  DJ Outfit Of The Year
o                        Swagg DJ’s (Mombasa)
o                        SpinCycle Entertainment (Nairobi)
o                        Epic Nation (Nairobi)
o                        Dohty Family Sounds (Nairobi)
o                        Trybe DJ’s (Nairobi)
o                        Busy Street Promotions (Nairobi)
       11.  Mix Tape King/Queen Of The Year
o                       VJ Chris (Mombasa)
o                       DJ Lyta (Nairobi)
o                       DJ Kalonje (Nairobi)
o                       DJ Slick (Kilifi)
o                       DJ Kym (Nairobi)
       12.  Gospel DJ Of The Year
o                        DJ Mike Bwax (Mombasa)
o                        DJ Mo (Nairobi)
o                        O’Neal The DJ (Mombasa)
o                        DJ Sadiq (Nairobi)
o                        DJ Krowbar (Nairobi)
       13.  Stylus DJ Of The Year
·                           DJ Bonezz
·                           DJ Kym
·                           DJ Elonn
·                           DJJoeMfalme                    
                            DJ Electrick
Voting has already began & will be done online via  facebook so log in & vote for your favourite Dj NOW! 

PROPS: JOHN NGUNGU aka @DjQuest_ke for @DjMagKenya

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