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Last night I stumbled unto a certain Deejays mix on channel O. The mix consisted mainly of Nigerian music and I was so amused at the videos in this mix as they were not the current hit singles out there in Nigeria. Finally when I saw the credit of the DJ involved in this mix I fell out of my chair. KENYAN DJ?!
Why was this DJ not playing Kenyan Mixes or even East  African????
Now therein lies the problem. Kenyan DJ playing Nigerian mixes that he thinks are hot, however these songs are not even top 20 on Nigerian radio or clubs –  I will give you an example
D’Banj – bother you
Iyanya – Jombolo 
Pullover  - Kayc and Wizkid
So  I guess this DJ’s audience is primarily Kenyan?
Hint of what is really hitting in the clubs in Lagos – Please youtube it

1. Orezi – You Garrit

2. Lil Kesh – Shoki (the remix)

3. Pato Rankin ft Tiwa savage –  Girlio

See what I mean…..? I bet you haven’t heard of them ones.
This now brings me back to the topic at hand, I was recently witness to an event in Lagos and I saw Deejays from South Africa, Ghana and Benin. When all these deejays played they actually played sets from their various countries and regions – that’s when it struck me!
Kenyan Deejays are busy playing music from all over the world except East African music meaning that they have no identity.  So as an international African promoter from out there if I want;
A Deejay to play south African house for my gig I will go get from South Africa
A Deejay to play Azonto I will get one from Ghana
A Deejay to play Nigeria pop I will of course get one from Nigeria

Please note – as a provider of entertainment I will want original and I will go to the source to get it!
So where does this leave the Kenyan Deejays?
This might sound like an old tune but however it is the truth; Deejays in Kenya should realize that playing majority of international tracks will keep them local however leaning more toward homegrown music will not only create an identity for them it will get them those elusive high paying international gigs.
Look at it this way;
1. why should I fly in a Kenyan Deejay to Jo’Burg to play South African house music for my gig when there is Black coffee there who are on ground, from the place and know exactly whats going on?

2. Why should I fly in a Kenyan deejay to Lagos when I know nothing about Kenyan music because these guys are not really pushing  East African music as a whole in the first place?

Trying to keep up with current  South African or Nigerian music trend is not a very feasible project because you will always be a couple of steps behind, It is always best to stick to what you know and this is were you will surely excel.

Kindly note that this article in no ways suggests that Deejays in Kenya should only play Kenyan music but what about East Africa music as a whole? where is Eddy Kenzo from Uganda in all your mixes – did you know he will be appearing in a talk show in America soon because of his music?

There is an opportunity for Kenyan Deejays to at least claim the East African Deejay space and introduce this music to the world – not just Kenya.

I close by stating that if as a deejay you are going to play music from other parts of Africa, research is key so as to keep up with the current trends out there….Baby Pullover is so last year.

Hope it makes sense…?



  1. From inside the industry looking out. Great piece. Hope somebody actually pays attention

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