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The 55th edition of the only event in the 254 that saves you from Sunday afternoon boredom – Blankets and Wine just slammed  the city at its usual venue- The Carnivore.

Dubbed’ Karibu Mzansi’ edition, it saw fans turn up to celebrate South Africa’s 20 years of Democracy since its liberation .

The event was deemed to go down well; I mean B& W hardly flops.

And  with the likes of Vereso, Afro fusion artist Anto Neo Soul, Dela on the artist lineup not forgetting Caffe Mocha’s main man and Afro house guru Jack rooster, there was no way this gig would slack.

Now the lineup above isn’t complete case you didn’t notice, South African Dj and Kwaito head Dj Cleo was also scheduled to throw a mard show, well he didn’t show up!

According to Muthoni, CEO and mind behind B&W, everything was sorted out for Cleo so  looks like he’s the one who didn’t live up to his side of bargain.

Fans were really disappointed but the party held up good either way.

PROPS: Kate Wangui of HBR

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