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Dj Nruff has added another feather to his cap and is now a recording artiste.

Dj Nruff said his debut album titled “The Future is Back” which is set to be released in November this year will establish him as a musician. “Me and the guys I work with want to shift from only being a Dj to a recording artiste,” he said during an interview on The Base.

The Disk jockey added that he has been involved in radio, most notably being a music consultant with Nation FM.

Explaining why he has not been trending much, he revealed he has been doing shows in Rwanda and South Africa. Locally, he plays at Cubano in Greenspan and Ebony Lounge.

DJ Nruff has outgrown most of his colleagues in carving out his own niche’ through establishing an online syndicated radio show, in partnership with Monster radio, called “Urbanthreat radio”; that also plays in Rwanda.

Additionally, his unwavering focus has steered him to launch his first comic book, “The Adventures of Nruff" with the first issue to be available in either October or November 2014, through a mobile application.

DJ Nruff recalled how difficult it was for him and his friends marketing themselves and landing events when they were starting out. “We used to grind hard by going physically to clubs. Because when we started there was no social media,” he observed.

He has managed to stay relevant in a perpetually metamorphosing industry, maintaining that longevity is shouldered upon what informs one’s decision to become a DJ. “If you join because of girls or swag it will show in how long you stay in the market.”

Nruff advised new DJs not to pigeon hole their marketing strategy on social media alone but to utilize other techniques such as personal interaction with people and distributing their mixtapes to matatus.

He further urged new DJs not to allow anything to hold them back. “I advise guys to do what they love so that if there is no show lined up you will not be disheartened. Being a DJ is not just about playing music. It’s an art.”

props Philip Maosa of Nation


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