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Her name is Ebony Selekta, and no. Shes not a dj, she is a SELEKTA. Yes, Selekta Ebony and we had the chance to interview or rather have a chat with her. Here's how it went down, a tell it at as it is interview with this queen of the turntables in our first segment on focus on the ladies who have changed and are changing the Kenyan dj industry and are giving their male counterparts a run for their money and skills.

DjMagKenya: Why the name ebony selekta?
Ebony Selekta: Wanted something that sounded African n feminine...the ebony part
Ebony Selekta: The selekta part is another name for deejay. When you do reggae n all things Caribbean you don't use the term "deejay" because their deejaying is a form of rapping.. you call yourself  Selekta.a selekta. So I am Selekta Ebony. Got it?

DjMagKenya: Very creative. Didnt know the meaning of Selekta. What made you venture into djing?
Ebony Selekta: Ive always had a passion for the arts mostly music & God knows I can't sing so guess playing it was the next best thing.
DjMagKenya: Hahaha. Sauti ya kukimbiza nyoka back to its hole? *no pun intended*. When did you start djing?
Ebony Selekta: In 2004 but got into it seriously in 2008

DjMagKenya: 10 years! Wow! Gota to that. What has been the biggest challenge on your journey on djing?
Ebony Selekta: When I started people didn't take me to seriously... Even my own family wasn't supportive but now they are.. At the time we were very few.. So getting into the market which was very cut throat was really hard. In fact for your information, I never attended a DJ academy. I learnt by hanging around deejays.. and when there wasn't anyone one the decks I would steal some practice time

DjMagKenya: I can only imagine. What do u think is the biggest challenge as to why not many women join or even make it in the djing league?
DjMagKenya: Wtf! So you are self taught? I salute u for that
Ebony Selekta: Yep! Im self made. But I had great mentors.
Ebony Selekta: For the ladies it's all about balance... If you in it for the fame you won't last long because its not a pretty job. You meet shady promoters. You work and don't get paid that time  somewhere very far from home. Working nights isn't like a day job I have been mugged twice, lost two cd bags two laptops .. A pair of expensive head phones. Sometimes You can get arrested.. Anyway if you in it for the glitz m glamour huwezi toboa.Very few ladies will rise up to such challenges some of them will be shot down by family, Some boy friends. Temptations pia ni Mob(laughing)

DjMagKenya: Damn! That's real hustle. So why did you choose a path, known to be a male dominated path(djing) and choose to focus on reggae which is also not associated with most women?
Ebony Selekta: Actually reggae has grown. Before you wouldn't find work coz it wasn't that popular.. Anyway people asked me why I chose this path and up to date I don't have a clear cut answer other than it's my destiny to do this, pave way for the ladies show em it can be done... I guess its the path God set for me.. and when you ask why I just reply and ask why not!!

DjMagKenya: Witchcraft. (Laughing). There's this beef going on between Kenyan artistes and djs that djs play too much west Africa music and riddims and dont support the local artistes. What's your take on this?
Ebony Selekta: It's TRUE won't even lie step into any club n maybe 15% will be Kenyan the rest is everything else.. But all I can say everyone has a part to play I love playing Kenyan reggae artists but I can only do so much as ebony.. The media needs to support our own because whatever people hear on the radio n tv n that's what they wanna hear in the club.. Lastly our artists need to take their job seriously if you want to make it then put something out there that will get you noticed.

DjMagKenya: Point taken. Today there are so many djs out here, some got skills some are just non sense. What makes you stand out from other djs, both male and female!
Ebony Selekta: Wow I don't believe am better, am just experienced and Im a selekta that means I don't play music for me... Am an entertainer first... Simply put when people come to hear me play almost all of them are suprised and pleasantly of course mine isn't just playing music am told its that I am experienced!!!

DjMagKenya: Nice. So do u solely live on music ama u got side hustle?
Ebony Selekta: Yap got some side hustle.. I own a small cleaning company which also supplies detergents.. But before I only did music which paved way for doing the side hustle.

DjMagKenya: Niice! Big things popping I see. You are an affiliate of dohty family?
Ebony Selekta: Yes I worked with dohty for two years and now I am with Supremacy sounds.

DjMagKenya: Why did you move from dohty family to supremacy?
Ebony Selekta: Supremacy taught me every thing I know.. They gave me a chance when no one did... Lets jus say I was bound to go back home Dohty family on the other hand was a priceless experience and they are like a second family to me...

DjMagKenya: So no bad blood between you and dohty family?
Ebony Selekta: Nooooo hell no.

DJMagKenya: Reggae music, not only in kenya but world wide is usually associated with violence (as witnessed in some event in kenya) why do u think so? As in why are some reggae fans rowdy?
Ebony Selekta: Aaargh!!!! Violence happens every where.. Some while back reggae was associated with violence n hooligans but slowly we've changed that image because reggae is that genre that sends message of peace love n unity...

DjMagKenya: Very true on that message part. What was your first major "break through" gig and how did you handle the pressure and tension?
Ebony Selekta: Waah guess my first big gig was a concert where I curtain raised for glen Washington...  It was like so hot coz we were at nyayo stadium and I could feel the pressure because no other female had had that opportunity so I knew that if I blew it then we would never be taken seriously. Anyway I put my game face on n nailed it. I did it for all the ladies. The second one I was actually in dohty family when Richie spice came to Kenya and one of my mentors the late patty Ranks was on stage with me let's just say him being there with me helped with stage fright.

DjMagKenya: Daaaaamn! That's big, so that was like one of your highest moments in the game?
Ebony Selekta: Nope Dubai was.. It was  an international show we had like different races and all... it was a real challenge /test for me...

DjMagKenya: Way to go girl! How about your lowest moment?
Ebony Selekta: Ive had people diss me when playing someone once came and snatched my headphones.. But that was way back now I would like to see someone try that... Would kick their behind from here to Timbuktu (Laughing)

DjMagKenya: Hahaha. Easy. What do u feel is your greatest achievement so far as a selekta?
Ebony Selekta: God gave me a gift  n my greatest achievement would be sharing it teaching it to others.. Helping people achieve theirs will not only be an achievement but a joy...

DjMagKenya: Amen. So tell me about your life
Ebony Selekta: Im the last born and only daughter with two big bros.. Got me a son n daughter. Yep that's about it

DjMagKenya: Wow! So you are a mother? How do u juggle between djing, parenthood and biz?
Ebony Selekta: Remember I told U its all about balancing but its hard am just lucky am surrounded by supportive people...

DjMagKenya: Say if you were not a dj, what would you have been?
Ebony Selekta: Most probably a footballer, playing for Manchester United. Football is my second love.
DjMagKenya: Haiya! boooooooohhh! Man U sucks. thats why you are a dj, Arsenal is the ish! The just concluded stylus dj awards saw a lot of criticism from a section of djs who felt it was an all Nairobi and Mombasa djing thing since the organizers were from Mombasa and some have even no clue about the awards. What's your say on this?
Ebony Selekta: I didn't even know it existed I just know it from Facebook so can't really have an opinion without all the facts... All I can say us that they should consider the whole of Kenya and that means alot of work. Guess they should approach sponsors because holding awards is no joke.. It takes time and money.. So that's my take

DjMagKenya: So where and when do you play?
Ebony Selekta: Tuesdays at marabou lounge , highway mall next to nakumatt mega. Uhuru highway. Wednesdays at pints makuti. Kahawa sukari. Sundays places club in kitale

DjMagKenya: A weekly gig in Kitale? Seems u travel a lot. In your career as a dj, what's the most embarrassing moment you've ever had?
Ebony Selekta: Yeah I travel alot (Laughing) I fell when I was getting on stage.. and I was in this dress I swear I always cringe wen I remember that day...

DjMagKenya: Hahahaha! I swear hiyo ntakucheka forever. Currently what equipment do you use?
Ebony Selekta: Ni sawa tu .. Pioneer ranging from 800 and a Rane mixer plus my mac book or Toshiba .

DjMagKenya: Biggest sacrifice you've ever made in your djing career?
Ebony Selekta: Hmmh ni mob but biggest is the fact that I don't get to spend alot of time with my family... The way I would like but they understand am doing this for them..

DjMagKenya: I feel you . Pole. So did you always want to be a dj or this just came up?
Ebony Selekta: Like I said I love music... Its not something you can explain things just fell into place...

DjMagKenya: What is the one thing that people dont know about you?
Ebony Selekta: I'd tell you but I'd have to kill you!.... Just kidding...that's  tricky ... I still believe in humanity... I believe that if we all looked past our skin colour race and religious beliefs we could make this country and the world. As a whole a better place.Oh n am a hopeless romantic still like being swept off my feet...I also such a book worm and I love challenges. Im also very creative and good with scripts so watch this space. Maybe...just maybe you could be seeing my productions on your TV in the near future

DjMagKenya: Lol! Okay. That last part. (laughing). So you dating ama u single. Cc team mafisi wangependa kujua.
Ebony Selekta: My status currently is unavailable but keep the faith who knows strange things have happened (Laughing).. Seriously though am taken!

DjMagKenya: Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Thooooooo! How often do you update or back date your music collection?
Ebony Selekta: Every day...Downloads sharing links and stuff

DjMagKenya: Where can we get your mixes?
 Ebony Selekta:

DjMagKenya: On it. Your real names by the way?
Ebony Selekta: Wangari Kimani

DjMagKenya: Tell me something about your locks.
Ebony Selekta: My hair waah lets see not only are they my identity.. They've been me through some tough times good times .. You can say they are as much a part of me as my hand or leg.... If they got cut I'd loose a part of me!!!!

DjMagKenya: Future plans?
Ebony Selekta: Future plans ... Tommorow is promised to no one so am taking it a day at a time.Trying to be the best I can be... Living n loving life.. If I can make a great future for my family then that's enough which means make lots of money.. However my dream is to perform in either summer jam or summer fest in Jamaica n Europe!!!

DjMagKenya: Usinisahau ukiwa sonko. Sawa? Ama ill stalk you. Any advice to upcoming djs?
Ebony Selekta: Siwezi lol.. Love the art n the art will love you back.If you love what you do it will get you through the not so rosy part of your job... Then when it gets too be good you will learn to appreciate the art am I making. Sense lol.

DjMagKenya: Usjali, kama Dubai ulifika sembuse Jamaica? So which artiste have u ever djed for or in their gigs? As in big wigs wagani umeshare nao stage?
Ebony Selekta: Glen Washington, Richie spice,Tanto metro n Devonte......Closer to home I once did an all divas beach party with Amani, Nyota Ndogo etc. Plus recently shared a stage with Anto Neo Soul n Hart the band n Ricky Na marafiki.

DjMagKenya:  Any parting shots?
Ebony Selekta: I looove all things chocolate lol .....

There you heard it. Next is the Stylus female dj of the year award winner Dj Shiqx
You can follow ebony on twitter @EbonySelekta

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