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DjMagKenya: When and how did you start djing?
Dj Shiqx: I started out in 2005.. And that was after watching dance 360 on KTN and the Dj was a chic and it was so cool. So I enrolled in a Dj academy and later got an attachment at seasons bar and restaurant

DjMagKenya: Dj K Sly? Nice. So you have been in the game for 9 years! What has been your lowest and highest point as a dj?
 Dj Shiqx: Yeah..My lowest point was when I was still new in the industry. It was difficult to even convince a club owner that am a Dj.. They'd look at me like  .. "This girl us crazy.. " It was tough. Getting gigs wasn't easy... Though I had a club job. I've not had a highest point yet but I'll get there... Though I could say that right now it isn't as tough as it was back then .. I get gigs here and there plus I have been lucky to have played in 2 major concerts.. Jah cure and Tarrus and Alpha blondy .. Though it didnt  go down well.... And currently am working with one of the biggest reggae Dj outfit.. Stylus awards Dj outfit of the year.. Dohty Family Sounds.. . it is something.. And there's still more to come.. And also winning the Title Female Dj of the year... Wow! It is a big deal for me because it was the first time ever in my career to be recognized and I am thankful and humbled that there are people out there who appreciate , support and believe in me.

DjMagKenya: Respect. Going places I see. And by the way congrats for winning the stylus award for the title of best female dj. Many female djs out here are trying to make it but the industry being male dominated, its a hard nut to crap. What's your secret?
Dj Shiqx: Thanks . there's no secret. You just have to be good.. Its about skill.. Talent and skill.. Experience and exposure is an added advantage.  But all in all you have to prove yourself.  Make your presence be felt and be confident.. So , practice and do your research and network with other DJs.. Because in this field, you learn something new everyday

DjMagKenya: Working with dohty family, which is a reggae dj unit, does it mean you focus on reggea music only?
Dj Shiqx: Not really.. Am an entertainer.. And in entertainment you deal n meet with different kind of people who relate and love to listen to different genres of music.  So at work , with dohty family I play reggae music. But in most of my gigs.. I play all genres.. I do weddings..Indian, christian , ,Muslim... Cocktails.. Cooperate events.. I also do video mixing... An entertainer should not limit themselves into doing just playing one genre of music.. Its good to explore.

DjMagKenya: There's this debate about kenyan djs playing too much west africa music, forgetting about our own. What's your take on this?
Dj Shiqx:Well, its kinda true. I do appreciate and promote Kenyan music and artists as well.. But they need to up their game.. As a Dj.  , when playing for a crowd and all they request is that west Africa n bongo music, and Ugandan as well.  It gets me worried because it means something is wrong somewhere.. And it all starts on the radio.. If the Kenyan music is not given enough airplay on the radio it means some of our Kenyan artists are still on the down level.. And its sad

DjMagKenya: What has been your worst experience as a dj with revelers?
Dj Shiqx: No.. For some reason, I don't know which... All my fans respect me.   Drunk or sober. May be its because I don't take alcohol myself.. But even the drunk ones will may be just want to take like 100 pics with me on decks.. And others 50 handshakes .. But I've never had a bad experience. Not even once! But I believe its because I've earned their respect..

DjMagKenya: So you don't drink? Nice. so just like male djs, female djs have groupies too?and why do u think there are few female djs than male djs in kenya and worldwide as a matter of fact?
Dj Shiqx: Groupies?? What's that?? Lol
DjMagKenys: Hahaha. Hao walevi wa picha
Dj Shiqx: Well its because most women and also society believes that its a career for men. And most women don't have confidence in themselves in that they can do what male DJs do. . but I believe its a personal choice but zaidi ni passion.
Dj Shiqx: Lol... I don't know. Personally I don't have..  Hehehe Or I have and I don't know

DjMagKenya: So what was your first major gig and how did u manage it as in tension etc
Dj Shiqx: Jah cure call on me tour in December 2012
DjMagKenya: How did u land such a huge gig by the way?
Dj Shiqx: I was working with firehouse sounds back then.. And we were one of the supporting sounds along Dohty family and krushal ent. I wasn't tensed.. There's no room for tension in me. . am past that age.  Lol.. My self esteem is up high in the sky and my confidence.   Mmmm

DjMagKenya: Mscheew! Kuji chocha nayo. Hehehe. Relationship? Team mafisi would like to know if u single ama dating
Dj Shiqx: Team mafisi hawana bahati. Am in a relationship

DjMagKenya: Wololo! Tutajinyonga So what gear are you using at the moment?
Dj Shiqx: At work.. Range 57 n pioneer 850

DjMagKenya: What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Dj Shiqx: Owning my own company n equipment.. Winning the Stylus Awards.. Female Dj of the year award

DjMagKenya:What do u like about djing and what do you hate about it?
Dj Shiqx: I love everything about it n hat nothing about it!

DjMagKenya: Nice. What don't people know about you?
Dj Shiqx: That am a certified cook , hairdresser and a vocalist. I play the guitar ... I can cook.. Am very good cook.. Lol

DjMagKenya: Wtf! Kuna kitu you can't do kweli sasa? Hehehe. What has djing taught u in life?
Dj Shiqx: Patience.. how to accommodate and deal with different persons.  Perseverance..  Nothing comes easy.. Mvumilivu hula mbivu

DjMagKenya: Where do we expect to see you say next 5 years
Dj Shiqx: I can't tell.. But God willing.. Let me leave it at that for now

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