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August 31st saw the2nd edition of the premier kenyan dj awards code named STYLUS DJ AWARDS going down the white sands in coast.
The much hyped event, aimed at rewarding and recognizing djs was pomp and glamour with a few glitches and technical issues. To begin with, some nominees were not comfortable with the facebook voting arrangement.
One of the nominees who sorted anonymity stressed that being popular on facebook does not necessarily make you a better dj. Adding that it was easy to buy votes on facebook to win the awards even if you did not deserve a win.
The voting 'lines" which were also to be closed at mid day on August the 29th was delayed by an hour, due to technical issues according to the CEO, Dj Lenium, something which one of the nominees we talked to felt was uncalled for and would work in the favor of others.
For obvious reasons, most or rather all the nominees were from Nairobi and coast. The nominee added.
A renowned dj from Meru, dj maxdee added on that note that, "there are better djz from other regions too... not juz nairobi n mombasa but itz a good start...lookin forward to winning an award hia soon "
All in all, the awards was one of its kind and a step ahead of Kenyan entertainment scene. Pwani Fm's Dj Elonn was the "MVP" bagging 2 awards out of the 3 categories he was nominated in beating well established djs like Joe Mfalme of Chanel O, K24 and Capital fm, Dj Kym of Kiss TV,Hypnotic of EpicNation and Kiss and Dj Protege of Capital fm. One of the biggest names in coast and fast rissing in kenya, Dj Bonez who is an associate of the Kaytrixx run Spincycle entertainment who is a favorite to many coast party goes shockingly did not win any awards despite being nominated in 3 categories!  
Here's the complete list of the nominees and who won on each category;

  1. Breakthrough DJ Of The Year
                DJ Jowi (Mombasa)
                DJ West (Mombasa)
                DJ Geeps (Mombasa)
                DJ Slim D (Nairobi)
                DJ Nicky Phondo (Watamu)(WINNER)
                DJ Dennis (Mombasa)
 2.Female DJ OF The Year
                 DJ Sashy (Mombasa)
                 DJ Skyla (Mombasa)
                 DJ Wendy (Nairobi)
                 DJ Jossie (Nairobi)
                 DJ Shiroh (Mombasa)
                 DJ Shiqkx (Nairobi)(WINNER)
  3. Club DJ Of The Year
                  DJ Incredible (Skyluxx Lounge, Nairobi)
                  DJ Tally (Sky Lounge, Mombasa)
                  DJ Bonezz (Sheba Lounge, Mombasa)
                  DJ Electrick (Dan’s Lounge, Mombasa)
                  DJ Phillz (iClub, Nairobi)(WINNER)
  4.Radio DJ Of The Year
                      VJ Chris – Baraka FM
                      DJ Elonn – Pwani FM
                      DJ Joe Mfalme – Capital FM(WINNER)
                      DJ Mista Qym – Q FM
                      DJ Flash – Radio Citizen
  5.TV VJ Of The Year
                        DJ Kym – Kiss TV
                       DJ Kaytrixx – KTN
                       DJ Phauz – Triple P TV(WINNER)
                       DJ Crossfade – Citizen TV
                        DJ Mo – NTV
6.VDJ Of The Year
                        DJ Flaxx (Mombasa)
                        VJ Bob (Nairobi)
                        DJ Ivory (Mombasa)(WINNER)
                        DJ Incredible (Mombasa)
                        DJ Mantix (Nairobi)
 7. Reggae DJ Of The Year
                       DJ Ital(Mombasa)(WINNER)
                       DJ Key’atch (Nairobi)
                       DJ Dannie Boy (Nairobi)
                       Junior Kevo (Mombasa)
                       Daddy Silk (Mombasa)
                       DJ Tsunami (Nairobi)
8. Diaspora DJ Of The Year
                       DJ Miss Ray (Beijing, China)
                       DJ Maxx Makau (Michigan, USA)
                       DJ Renee (Dubai, UAE)
                       Simple Simon (Houston, USA)
                       DJ Ken Ring (Stockholm, Sweden)(WINNER)
9. Trail Blazer DJ Of The Year
                       DJ Elonn (Mombasa)(WINNER)
                       DJ Hypnotiq (Nairobi)
                       DJ Protégé (Nairobi)
                       DJ Joe Mfalme (Nairobi)
                       DJ Bonezz (Mombasa)
  10.  DJ Outfit Of The Year
                        Swagg DJ’s (Mombasa)
                        SpinCycle Entertainment (Nairobi)
                        Epic Nation (Nairobi)
                        Dohty Family Sounds (Nairobi)(WINNER)
                        Trybe DJ’s (Nairobi)
                        Busy Street Promotions (Nairobi)
 11.  Mix Tape King/Queen Of The Year
                       VJ Chris (Mombasa)
                       DJ Lyta (Nairobi)
                       DJ Kalonje (Nairobi)(WINNER)
                       DJ Slick (Kilifi)
                       DJ Kym (Nairobi)
 12.  Gospel DJ Of The Year
                        DJ Mike Bwax (Mombasa)
                        DJ Mo (Nairobi)
                        O’Neal The DJ (Mombasa)
                        DJ Sadiq (Nairobi)
                       DJ Krowbar (Nairobi)(WINNER)
13.  Stylus DJ Of The Year
                          DJ Bonezz
                          DJ Kym
                          DJ Elonn(WINNER)
                          DJ Electrick
The Hall of fame inductee award and Heroes award went to Dj Frankee and Gates Mgege respectively, all from coast.
What really went down? thats what it was.

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