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Growing up, deejaying seemed to be for those who were not focused in their lives or had performed poorly in school. Years later, this myth has been debunked and many are minting millions out of this career.

George Njuguna who goes by the name DJ Crème de la Crème is one of the most celebrated DJs in East Africa. He talks of his journey as a DJ and how much he is worth.

“I started deejaying in 2003 when I was in university. But it was in 2006 that I started doing it seriously. Funny enough, I never used to like music before that,” he is quoted by Nation in a previous interview.

He reveals that when he started out, he used to make a video mix called “The Chronic” for matatus, then he’d get stall owners in town to advertise on it for about Sh6,000 each.

“It paid the rent. I also hated the idea of an office job where I had to take orders from someone so I had to make it work one way or the other,” he adds.

You would probably assume he did not study but he says, “I was index one in primary school, scored an A- in my KCSE and graduated with a 2nd upper Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Kabarack University.”

He later joined Code Red Deejays for a 2 year career after which he left without a Plan B in mind.He says that, “By some stroke of luck, I got a call from DJ Mr Prime a few days later asking me if I wanted to host this new TV show he was working on called “Xtreem”.”
And what does he say about the pay he used to get and what he gets now?

“By today’s standards the pay wasn’t that much, but it gave me immense visibility. Today as a DJ you can do gigs paying 20 to 50 thousand shillings a night and take home up to Sh400,000 a week,” he says.

For a man who has set his priorities right after becoming a father, he reveals that he cancelled a six figure gig to witness the birth of his son.

Crazy you may think but the DJ says that’s just one of many such decisions he’s had to make adding that it has got him jobs because a client feels more confident that they’re dealing with someone with clear priorities.

He describes his brand as DJ Crème as more of a business.

“I have Epic Nation, which is doing well. I also MC for shows and events as well as TV,” says the DJ who has Manu Chandaria as his entrepreneurial role model

And how much is he worth?

“My lawyer actually did a valuation earlier this year (2013), and factoring in my brand value, assets, debts and coin savings it came to about Sh15 million.

Hopefully, in the next few years it will be a lot more,” he reveals to the paper.

With the lavish lifestyles most celebrities live in, DJ Crème says that for him it is about looking for the right place to put your money with the realization that stardom is not forever.

He has since launched Epic Leaders which is a CSR project involving various celebrity friends and corporate partners.

“The intention is to encourage young people to focus on their studies and empower them by providing direction and resources where possible,” he concludes.





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