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Of late there has been bile between Kenyan djs and artistes, artistes accusing djs of sidelining, not supporting them and playing too much foreign music, djs on the other hand have held their grounds saying they only play what the fans ask for and accusing the artistes of producing songs of poor quality.
The latest blow on this tag of war is from Rabbit directed to "most presenters, presenters and their program directors". This is what he had to say:

"What I know for sure is that most presenters don't like me and most Djs and their program directors because I am always pushing for more Kenyan Content on their playlist.
It's so sad when most of our tv, radio and Djs push outside content more. (kuna wale wanapush for more and I recommend them sio wote) I mean ata vile Davido akikuja si Ati anakujua ama atakupea VIP pass, ni event organizer ndio atakupea. I mean Sahizi our Kenyan musicians wanajitahidi, it's only right watunzwe. imagine nimeskia radio for 1hr na only 4 Kenyan songs zimecheza yet wako mbaka na udaku za Naija and S.A, yaani hadi kuna countdown ya outside charts, so sad.
Mostly their argument is our content is lesser in quality so they opt kuplay more outside content. Not forgetting that this whole quality talk is interconnected, it's simple, I will afford a 1 Million ksh video if I am getting millions, and I will only afford a 100ksh video if I am getting that. 'you only give what you get'. The connection is whenever the presenter or writer says hakuna quality in Kenyan songs then the fans believe our music is of a lesser quality, hence less shows, less pay, less crowd, less quality, less faith.
We have Kenyan songs backdated from since I was a kid till now zile zinaweza entertain Kenyans ata we don't need that foreign invasion sh#t.
Our Neighbors Tz have regulated that outside content na Ata hiyo Naija we always push here they have a 95% Naija content rule (straight from Chidinma) na sisi tumejikaza ati tunawaskuma, am sure they are laughing hard mahali wako.
Nawapea hongera wale wanaplay na kupush Kenyan Music ata kama wewe Ni fan.
After this najua ntazimwa in most stations ama most Djs but Sijali as long as more Kenyan is playing Sawa!

Is he right? whats your opinion?

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