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Where did you begin your journey and how long have you been in the industry?
I began professional djing around 2008/2009 this is my 6th year as a pro dj.

After winning Pilsner mfalme, what impact has it made to your career as a dj?
winning pilsner mfalme was a major blessing,because it tells you that youve proven to be good enough to go pro and gives a platform open with good and diverse networks in the industry.

Is such competition healthy for the industry?
Yes such competitions are good. Talent is a rare thing and needs to be recognized and awarded every now and then.

You are currently in the US for a tour, tell us about it.
My US tour began in February and I got to dj along the heavyweights Adrian and Nyandat at the world famous Las Vegas strip, during the 2015 Las Vegas 7s. then followed the state after state tour,and so far I have done Dallas, texas, Maryland, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Arlington, Texas. I still have more states to tour including Boston, Kansas, Chicago, Atlanta, New jersey among others, and the grand finale, the 2015 Dallas memorial weekend this may. the tour is a success so far with sold out parties and good crowds turning up.

What was the first ever event you played at?
I started out as a club dj and the first club I played at was the then velvet lounge in westlands, now Galileo lounge, then Ibiza, kimathi street.

Whats your greatest fear as a dj?
Equipment malfunction. bad sound at an event. not packing the correct equipment for a job especially  if its out of town. Car trouble. miss international flights.......

Tell us about your background (childhood, whre u grew up etc)
Id love to leave that private. maybe another day.

Whats the hardest lesson youve learnt as a dj?
 Work hard, the money will follow the work.

Whats your greatest achivement as a dj?
My greatest achievement has to be winning the 2010 Pilsner Mfalme competition because there are only 3 of us worldwide and its an honor.

Whats your greatest inspiration?
Greatest inspiration is my kid sister Mercy.

Apart from djing, any other side hustles?
Definitely yes, unfortunately which I wouldn't share, but trust me its all legal (SIC).

Whats your ideal dj set up and whats your current equipment?
My ideal dj set up has to be the Pioneer 2000 cdjs and the Rane TTM 57 mixer. I like that particular mixer. My current equipment is Pioneer 800 cdjs, Technics 1210 turntables and 2 Rane TTM mixers

Cdjs vs. Turntables?
Cdjs vs turntables......... isnt that a fought and ended war? (sic) turntables always win

Whats your view on "Auto sync " buttons on the new cdjs. Does it affect djing?
Auto sync technology may make future djs forget about manual pitch bending which, to me, isnt progress in terms of preserving that raw art of live djing. but its nice to see developments like that on equipment. 

What do you think makes you different from other djs?
 Im all about my talent, thats what i think gives me an edge over the rest

Whats your take on djing units?
Never really thought about them dj units, I think to some its a profit and to most its a loss

There has been beef between kenyan djs and musicians, whats your take?
 I haven't been following the beef lately sorry...but am a peaceful guy as long as someone didn't die or get hurt we good (Sic) its just business.

If not for djing, what career would you be at?
I think i would be into electrical engineering.

Whats the highest pay cheque and lowest youve ever received as a dj?
I can tell u the dj job that paid me best so far, but cant remember the zeroes...most of them corporate gigs of course.

If you could choose one dream event to Dj at which one would it be & why?
I am a tour dj currently so really i have dream venues..not events. eg i would love to dj at the Las Vegas strip again and tour Europe and Africa for more shows etc

Which countries have you played outside Kenya?
Ive had shows in Tanzania, Uganda, The U.A.E (Dubai)  and now the U.S.

What kind of challenges did you face on your road to success and what other challenges are you still facing?
Challenges include lack of equipment  when starting out so practicing becomes stalled. otherwise soon as u get that figured out your commitment to the cause will sail u along to wherever u wanna be

How would you rate the Kenya djing industry?
According to me, kenya has the best djs in africa and among africans living around the world.

Which tune in you collection never fails?
Lots of good jams out there...Butterfly - Nameless is a tune

What track are you currently feeling?
Feeling a lot of tracks right now, good music all over...but i choose Lean on - Major Lazer ft Dj Snake and Dance for me - J Martin

Do you prefer radio or djing at clubs?
I love radio djing. but clubs are pretty exciting as well.

What do you think hinders the growth of djing in kenya?
 An active and functional dj association would take the djing profession miles up in many ways

Who is your favorite kenyan dj and why?
I can say dj Adrian, dj John and Pinye because of their experience in the game.

Whats the longest time youve djed (played a continuous set) 
When i was starting out as a club dj, i could do whole night sets, from 5pm to 3 am in the morning, so pretty much djing all night.

What other interests do you have other than music?
Im into business include car hire business and looking forward to becoming a young farmer soon.

When all the partying is over how do you like to chill out?
I love staying indoors, watching movies and sports.

What advice would you give to up and coming DJs?
Maintain the art please

Dj Nelly was the 2010 Pilsner Mfalme winner and is currently working as a freelance dj and at homeboyz radio. Follow him on twitter @KingNelly34
Facebook on Dj King Nelly
 And KingNelly34 on MixCrate



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