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When did you start deejaying professionally?
I started deejaying professionally in 2005.

So thats ten years in the game? What made you decide to become a DJ? 
I always loved music from when i was a kid and my mum was also a music teacher so we had an early up bringing in music. I loved the art and was interested when i got in high school and my big brother was also a DJ (Mista French) so he helped training me and my twin brother who is also a DJ (Justin Rich)

How has the journey been so far? 
The journey has been exciting but also tough as it was hard breaking out and becoming a force to reckon with but I take it day by day but despite all the challenges, its good.

Which DJ inspires you most? (Both locally & internationally) 
 I will have to say DJ Khaled,DJ Premier, DJ Toomp, David Guetta and Avicii. They are in different genres but prove and show that deejaying can be more than just playing music. Locally DJ John, DJ Stylez because they literally changed the game in Kenya on how deejaying is perceived today.

What was your first gig as a dj? 
 Impala Floodlight Rugby Tournament.

You are a dj, have your own comic strip, there the urban threat on monster radio and just launched your album, how do you handle all this?
 Ummmmmm its quite hectic sometimes because they are very demanding especially because they bring out my different characters as a DJ, recording artist and business man. They are all built on music so that makes it easy. I also work with a small circle of trusted individuals who are focused and want the same results to both projects. On a daily I will communicate to my associates in Kenya,UK and USA just to make sure all is going well. Also keeping deadlines and being disciplined and so my team keeps me focused when they see me slacking. Nothing worth having comes easy so its hard work and a lot of patience because we are dealing with different markets and bringing new things to the table.

So far how how is the comic project and album coming through?
 The comic project is going well set to launch at the next NAICCON event proposed for the 25th of April 2015. The album was released in February and is doing well. Some of the singles we released are getting airplay on International & Local radio stations so we now heavy working on the marketing in the different markets. We also start recording my 2nd album in April 2015 so we have a massive line up cannot wait to share with the world as soon as we are done recording and get a set date for release.

Tell us more about monster radio
Monster Radio is Kenyas 1st online radio station started by my nephew (DJ Mobi) Its revolutionary as it can stream on your phone, computer etc. I was one of the content providers handling 2 shows and music selection. We also held and hosted parties across Kenya,Rwanda and South Africa in different clubs putting Monster Radio out there.

You also did an overseas tour? Tell us about that  
I had the opportunity to tour The United States of America, Rwanda and South Africa. The US tour was a for month extensive tour which was an eye opener on how deejaying is perceived out there and it totally changed how I looked at the game and made me start doing stuff different. There days I left a party and drove straight to the airport to fly to another state and straight to the club, so I got to do all that heavy touring people talk about. Did major shows in Rwanda and South Africa where i was featured on Channel O as a guest DJ on their show Basement and also on the variety show StarGist.

 What challenges have you faced personally as a DJ?
As a DJ the hardest challenge is being able to compete with yourself and also be aware of other DJs in the industry. I push myself to be a better DJ and also add value to my brand. To me thats the hardest challenge though we have the normal challenges like getting raw deals, being undercut by other DJs etc. That is normal in every money making industry but me competing with DJ Nruff of 2014 is my main challenge.

What's the highest point of your career so far?
Oh boy, they have been many but the highest must be releasing my album (The Future Is Back) and my comic (Adventures Of Nrvff : Super DJ) in the same year. For me its a dream come true.

Where do you usually play?
I'm currently not based at any particular club or venue as i prefer travelling and going on tour and doing different venues just to spread my "Music Gospel"

If you could estimate, how many gigs have you done?
Way too many but its never enough.

If you could choose one dream event to Dj at which one would it be & why?
Wow, probably at Summer Jam Hosted by HOT 97 in New York. Basically because I love Hip Hop. Other events you can DJ but this is where you find all the energy that you listen to every day in one arena.

What type of Dj equipment are you into?
I can actually use almost any DJ equipment from turntables, CDJs to the controllers but I prefer CDJs and a Rane Mixer and a Mic

With technological advancements, how is new age deejaying different from the yester years?
Technology has its pros and cons. On the pros its made work easier especially on the bulky load we used to carry going for gigs like record crates and cd bags. It has also made it easier to DJ making it easy to arrange music, giving hot cues, bpms etc. With that said it has also brought a new age of DJs who are lazy and rarely or do not do research on music. Good DJs are passionate about music and will blow you away any given day, the new age of DJs play on Playlists which are almost the same and one can easily predict what you play next which to me is quite dangerous when a crowd can predict you. The beauty is to be able to make the crowd enjoy an experience that they will want to experience again only from you and not from any other DJ and thats Art. Thats how you get a long "she life" in this game.

How has deejaying impacted your life?
 Actually its been very positive. It has made me achieve so much that I'm always grateful to God and all those who support me. All i have achieved in life would not be possible if it were not for deejaying. Travelling the world, meeting different people, endorsement deals etc. Positive impact.

Whats your take on this kenyan artistes/djs beef? 
My take is that we all need each other. Without artistes we as DJs will not have material to play, but without DJs too most artists will not earn a living as we perform more than them on a weekly/daily basis and promote their music more than they even do it as we have the avenue to reach more people during our events so we basically need each other.

Since you are full of surprises, What future plans do you have in store? 
Hahahahahaha lets say Im the most unpredictable DJ. No one is ready for what we are going to do by the time 2015 is over.

Any advice for any one out there who wants to be a DJ?
Do it because you love music, not because of the money, women or attention. Do it for the Art.

Dj Nruff also has an upcoming UK tour this year

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This is dj Nruff in brief:

Owner & Radio Show Host - Urban Threat Radio - Africa's Number 1 Urban Syndicated Show (January 2011- Present)

Mix On Easy FM Weekdays From 7:00pm - 7:30pm (December 2011 - January 2012)

Co Host 60 Mara Hio Hio For Coca Cola With Sheila Mwanyigha On Easy FM Every Saturday Morning From 9:00am-10:00am (October 2011- January 2012)

Touring Kenya For The Smirnoff Night Life Experience (August 2011-October 2011)

Guest Appearance On Mtv Shuga Season 2

Appears On Award Winning Kenyan Rapper- Juliani - Pulpit Kwa Street Album- On The Single - Red,Black & Green

Does A Dancehall Mix Show Once A Month On 5FM South Africa

Worked At Home Boyz Entertainment Ltd. As A DJ & Lecturer At The DJ Academy

Did A 4 Month 25 State DJ Tour Of The United States In 2009-2010

Worked At Kiss FM In Kenya As A Dj Mix Show Host - Klub Kiss.

Worked At Home Boyz Radio As A Dj Mix Show Host - Jam Session.

Worked At Home Boyz Radio In The Creative Department In Charge Of Radio Sound & Imaging.

Hosted A Video Mix Show On KTN - H2O & NTV - Re-Up

*CHAT Awards (Chaguo La Teeniez Awards):

*CHAT Awards – Best Radio Show (2007) – Klub Kiss, Kiss 100 FM

*CHAT Awards – Best Radio Station (2008) – Home Boyz Radio 91.5 FM

*CHAT Awards – Best TV Mix Show (2008) – H2O, KTN

Main Goal Is To Put Kenya On The International Music Scene

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