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A Kenyan DJ at a popular city club was yesterday charged with assault. This is after he allegedly slapped and hitting his ex-girlfriend Yvonne Ndegwa with a beer bottle on the face at Hornbill Club in Buru Buru estate on June 22.
Samuel Ochieng’ was allegedly asked by his ex-girlfriend Yvonne Ndegwa why he was accepting alcohol from other women in the club and that’s when things got ugly, leaving Ndegwa with serious injuries.
The court heard that on June 22 at a nightclub in Buruburu, the accused attacked and injured Yvonne, leaving her with serious injuries. Yvonne told police that she had gone to the club at around 8pm to sort out issues with Ochieng after their breakup, only to find him having drinks in the company of another woman.
The prosecution said that Yvonne excused herself and promised to return later. She allegedly went to a nearby club where she stayed until 3.30am. But when she returned to her ex-boyfriend’s club, she reportedly found Ochieng who is the club’s DJ, having drinks and sharing steamy conversation with the same woman. Yvonne reportedly approached the accused and asked him why he accepts drinks from women. The DJ, it is alleged, rose and slapped Yvonne in the face, then hit her with a beer bottle.

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