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DJs and other users of music in Kenya must pay-to-play, the Kenya Association of Music Producers, Performers Rights Society of Kenya and Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) has said.

While launching their partnership in Nairobi on Monday, the three collective management organisations (CMOs) reiterated their position that it is for the benefit of the industry that every user of music content in Kenya paid for the copyrights.

“We are not restricting the pay-to-play rule to just the local music, but it’s for every music being played in Kenya. We have to appreciate our culture by playing Kenyan music. So, it’s very unpatriotic for DJs to say that they will stop playing Kenyan songs from local artistes because they are being asked to pay a little amount for it,” said MCSK CEO Maurice Okoth.

The partnership by the CMOs is expected to streamline their functions as far as music royalties are concerned.

“We have observed that the music industry has been in disharmony for a long time due to lack of unity and it is our desire that this should change. We believe that this unity will play a major role in bringing harmony and economic empowerment of the entire music industry membership, as has been experienced in developed countries. We hereby unite on a new paradigm shift to bring new leadership that will have positive impact on the lives of members,” a joint statement read in part.


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