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To grab your attention on ways to help end hunger, gospel DJ Soxxy, dined in the middle of Argwings Kodhek Road with Ajay Leon.

This is part of the Hunger Free campaign that seeks to celebrate your favourite food with your favourite people – it can be home-cooked or at a restaurant. Then double up by donating the cost of your meal to help end hunger on World Food Day, October 16.

“The idea of having lunch in the middle of a major road is to raise awareness for the campaign,” DJ Soxxy told Word Is, “We actually had a complete meal with beef stew, vegetables and rice.”

He continued, “We want to cultivate a culture of being selfless, encourage people to do something extra to help others. From our meal, we got a lot of interested motorists asking what we were doing and how they could be part of the campaign and help out. Even the matatu guys. We expected people to raise issue with us having a meal in the middle of the road but they were more curious.”

Laughing he added, “Actually the matatu guys were asking if we could share our meal.”

Besides Soxxy, the campaign run by World Vision has also contracted some influencers. They include Radio Jambo’s Bramwell Mwalolo, Classic 105’s Larry Asego, rugby star Collins Injera, a photography group called ‘One Touch Live’ ( Joe Were, Mutua Matheka, Joe Makeni, Steve Kitoto, Sebastian Wanzalla, and Kevin Ouma), award winning social media activist Philip Ogola and blogger Mark Kaigwa.

World Vision’s programmes officer told Word Is, “Anyone can help drive the campaign message further in the circles they operate in by hosting a dinner party, or lunch at a restaurant with friends and family, taking pictures and posting on #HungerFree, then doubling up the cost of the dinner by paying the extra amount to paybill number 525630 and account number “Hunger Free”. We are hopping the influencers can cheer-lead and engage mostly the youth to get involved in the campaign in any way they can.”



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