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Entertainment is always key. It is after all the aspect that guests remember the most. Yes, they will talk about the delicious chapatis served at the food bar and there will be mentions of the stunning gown that the bride walked with down the aisle.
However, nothing beats the overall mood enhanced by a skilled master of ceremony or a brilliant DJ on the decks.
Choosing the right DJ like for your event is as important as the venue and décor. You need your
guests to let loose and enjoy themselves. To be able to let their guards down and sway their hips or heads or even snap their fingers to the sound of music wafting through the air.
There will always be clear signs that the DJ you have hired for the occasion has failed to leave up to the hype.
Actual Music Constitute a measly 30%
We get it; you are the best DJ in the business. Girls get crazy over you. You are a master at scratching and spinning and you have a killer tagline that goes something like “DJ Bonnte in the house” that you want to hear blasted through the airwaves.
That doesn’t excuse conning people of valuable music time. The Music Appeals only to the DJ
A definite way to tell that you would have been better off without a DJ is if he seems to be the only one enjoying the selected playlist. With the exception of a few guests, a lousy disk jockey would have the crowd wondering what exactly they are being subjected to. A couple should hire a DJ that specializes in the type of music that they subscribe to. It is one of the first questions that should be posed before hands are shaken. You don’t want to hear Naija tunes played continuously when you
specifically asked for Ohangla.
Substandard Equipment
Imagine the disappointment of jumping to the dance floor so you can dance to a particularly catchy song, only to be stopped dead in your tracks by silence. Now imagine this becoming a routine and having to content with the sound of the DJ apologizing profusely over the microphone. Spare yourself the embarrassment of having to run numerous sound checks by ensuring that your DJ comes recommended by someone else or at least attend the preliminary testing yourself.
A disorderly DJ
A lousy DJ will bring along a large entourage or spend most of his time outside his station. They could also be unwilling to play requests or worse, get drunk. Consult widely before you settle on a DJ.

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