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Pioneer has announced the XDJ-700, an affordable media player that looks like a CDJ and plays music from cross platform

As well as costing just about ksh. 72,000, Pioneer is touting the XDJ-700 as one of its most compact standalone media players yet, with the additional benefits of a touchscreen and removable stand. As is the case with every piece of Pioneer DJ kit, the XDJ-700 is fully compatible with the company’s Rekordbox, which was recently upgraded to full performance software.

The XDJ-700 is by no means the first time Pioneer has ditched the CDs in its CDJs, but the XDJ-700’s relatively low price does put it more within the reach of home users than last year’s XDJ-1000 model. The XDJ-700 will be available in December. Below is a sneak peak of the game changer:

Large full-colour touch screen
Rekord-box ready
Pro DJ Link for enhanced flexibilty and scope
Load and browse music Wi_fi or USB connection
Compact design with a removable stand
MIDI controller capability

The XDJ-700 offers DJs and venues unparalleled set-up possibilities. Its compact size and removable stand means it's perfect for even the smallest booth or home set-up. It's the first player at this price to feature Pro DJ Link – so DJs can share one source with up to four players or laptops. Tracks can be loaded via USB or Wi-Fi to give DJs even more choice.

The XDJ-700 is packed with features from the XDJ-1000, including Hot Cues, Auto Loops, Slip Mode and Beat Sync. The large, full-colour LCD screen gives DJs intuitive access to all the player's features and faster browsing through a QWERTY keyboard word search. DJs can prepare their sets in rekordbox (Mac/PC) or the rekordbox app (iOS/Android) and the screen will display crucial information including wave display, Beat Countdown, Phase Meter and Key Analysis Indicator.

Enhanced View
The large, full-colour LCD display shows all the info you need, including Wave Zoom, beat countdown, phase meter, key analysis indicator and more.

Advanced Connectivity
With ProDJ Link you can connect up to 4 players, turntables or laptops via LAN connection and share a single source. Combine this with rekordbox to access pre-prepared loops and cues, sync the beat with the master deck, and access a host of advanced pro-DJ features.

Let's Get Digital
Simply plug in your rekordbox USB or connect your iPhone, iPod touch or Android smartphone to load tracks directly to the XDJ. Get access to a multitude of advanced performance features when preparing your tracks in rekordbox or using the rekordbox app

Compact Design
The XDJ-700 offers DJs and venues unparalleled set-up possibilities. Being Pioneer's slimmest player yet, it has been designed with the small booth or home set-up in mind. A removable stand helps it to fit into even smaller spaces.
XDJ 700 vs. XDJ 100 vs. CDJ2000 NEXUS

MIDI Compatible
Fully assignable MIDI functionality via USB can transmit most control information to external devices and can also be used as a MIDI controller.

Check out the XDJ 700 introductory video below:

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