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I am the owner and brain behind Bee Collection. I am also a deejay by profession. Bee collection originally started as a way for me to identify with my people. I had major interest in venturing into my own business and I realised having my own brand would work well. I started with two sweatshirts that I advertised on my social pages. And here we are.

I’ve always been a big fashion enthusiast and with the support of my friends and family, I finally got the courage to start it.

My style is casual, smart and versatile. My current fashion obsessions are sweatshirts, ragged pants and lace dresses.

Every woman needs sneaker wedges, sweatshirts, a white dress, accessories and a pair of heels in her closet.

Fashion is a way of expressing yourself and looking good is the perk.

My favourite jewellery is chains and watches. My kind of man should be well collected, neat and classy.

Two fashion rules that women break is panty lines and not dressing for the season.

I splurge a lot on facial products and shoes.

I do not have any fashion rule when putting an outfit together. As long as it works and doesn’t look weird, I wear it.

Fashion is always trending and people are always looking for the best.

My latest release are the college jackets and Bee snapbacks.

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