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Breaking news from the EDM industry today has revealed the truth behind Afrojack’s much publicised split from his manager of three years, Hugo Langras.

Afrojack was quoted last week citing “ethical and moral disagreements” as the reason for the split. However, it seems the split was for a much more contentious reason after Langras, owner of Dutch management firm Montana ECI, revealed that he and his staff had been sacked after Afrojack caught them listening to techno.

“Myself and a few of the Montana staff were sitting in our Amsterdam offices listening to some techno early one morning during ADE,” explained Langras during an exclusive chat with Wunderground. “All of a sudden Afrojack came steaming in the door like a hurricane. He started screaming and shouting about us listening to techno and called us traitors.”

“He seems to think that, because we’re his representatives, his music is all we should listen too,” revealed Langers. “I tried to explain to him that we’re a big firm and we represent lots of different artists, some of whom produce techno, and that we’re not children so we couldn’t possibly sit around and enjoy his music but he wasn’t having any of it, if anything I think I actually made him madder.”

“He went totally nuts! He started ripping poster down off the wall, he smashed our stereo and threw a gold record through our reception window,” recounted Langras, not to be confused with the Irish slang word langers, the plural of langer which means penis. “Then he screamed ‘we’re finished’ and stormed out. I haven’t seen him since.”

According to sources close to Afrojack, the DJ is set to start his own management company dedicated to looking after his evey need, leaving him with more time for sexting with Paris Hilton, playing video games and trying to figure out his purpose in life.


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