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This one always cracks me up.
And it’s always a girl who says it.
“Can you play my request now?  We are about to leave.”
Never mind the fact that all your friends are dancing and having a good time.
Or that they just bought a new round of drinks.
You want me to think you are about to leave,
so I NEED to play your request RIGHT NOW.
I guess you expect to hear “NOOOOOOO! Don’t leave! Wait just 1 more second!”
Nope! Not happening.  I don’t care.
Shit, I don’t even think your friends will care if you leave.
Do you try this trick everywhere you go?
Tired of waiting in line at the City Council offices?
Just tell the nice lady at the counter that you are about to leave,
so you NEED that new license RIGHT NOW.

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  1. I don't about his leaving, but it may be fake announcement. What is really shocked that the residents pay to watch youth perform bestiality. That is really disgusting


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