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First of all, there is no song that EVERYONE will like. You could be at a wedding and when “Hear Comes The Bride” comes on, there will be some fuckface who thinks “Man, this song is sooo played out.” Yet you still need to tell me that everyone will love your request. Chances are, you are requesting the most popular song in the country. Congratulations.  You are correct.  Many people do enjoy that song. That’s why it’s the number one song in the country. Funny how that works out. Or you are requesting a random song that you and your three friends love. I know what songs people like.  That’s part of what I get paid for. You can’t fool me into playing an obscure Queen song at midnight on a Friday just by telling me that “Everyone will love it.” If you are going to do that, at least request Psys Gangnam style. I still won’t play it, but at least you’ll be kind of right.

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