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Joel Thomas Zimmerman, better known by his stage name deadmau5, is a Canadian record producer and DJ from Toronto, Canada. Zimmerman produces a variety of styles within the progressive house genre and sometimes other forms of electronic music.

He’s a world-famous deejay and producer. And since Kenya is such a lovely country, he has decided to visit too. Judging from his social media accounts, he seems to be having shitloads of fun.

You might also be wondering why the guy has such a strange name. His real name is Joel Zimmerman. According to his father, when Zimmerman was in his early teens, he was chatting with a friend on his computer, which then abruptly shut off.

He said that it had a smell like burnt wire and had a strange odor. Zimmerman started to dismantle his computer and happened to find a dead mouse. Zimmerman then became known as the “dead mouse guy” among friends. Joel tried to change his name to “Deadmouse” in an online chat room, but it was too long, so he shortened it to “deadmau5.” When he started a career in deejaying, he stuck to the name.
Deadmau5 rarely shows his face too. He enjoys wearing a Mickey Mouse headgear so it’s rather cool that he has had no qualms about being himself this time.Zimmerman has received six Grammy Award nominations for his work. He has worked with other DJs and producers, such as Kaskade, MC Flipside, Rob Swire and Wolfgang Gartner. On a number of releases, he has partnered with Melleefresh. An early 12" single produced on vinyl titled "I Don't Want No Other" was released by Joel Zimmerman and Derek Caesar under the group name "Dred and Karma". A 2006 album titled deadmau5 Circa 1998-2002 was released using the alias "Halcyon441". He has also collaborated with Steve Duda under the alias, "BSOD", as well as "WTF?" including Duda, Tommy Lee, and DJ Aero.deadmau5 is currently one of the highest paid electronic music producers in the world.Deadmau5 is also one of the masked artists in the world, including but not limited to: Marshmello and Daft Punk



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